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Gym Workout Routine for Women

Pragya T Feb 20, 2020
Wish to have some variety in your exercise regimen? Here are useful tips and a sample workout program, that will help you to come up with your own personal weight loss program using gym workouts.
When it comes to weight loss, certain things need to be kept in mind. The two most important things that are required to lose weight are exercise and diet. Diet doesn't mean starving yourself, but following a nutritious and well-balanced diet which provides you with all the nutrients, and helps in weight loss.
Many people tend to follow diets which involve eating only few foods, and certain people even skip meals.

However, it is very important that you avoid such fad diets, as these diets lead to many harmful side effects. Initially, they may lead to weight loss.
However, the results will be temporary. Such diets slow down your metabolism, and make the process of losing weight even slower. It can even lead to horrible stretch marks, and deficiencies in your body. So, avoid dieting and follow a balanced diet.
Exercising is very important, not just to lose weight but to maintain good overall health. When it comes to weight loss, exercising helps to get rid of excess fat. Moreover, with a good selection of exercises, you can even speed up the process.
Exercising also helps to naturally detox, gives you glowing skin. However, make sure the gym exercise routine is well-balanced. A well-balanced workout plan, consists of all the 5 components of physical fitness.

For Weight Loss

The five major components of physical fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. To form a workout which includes all these components, you need to first understand your body composition.
So, first get your body weight determined, an excellent way to check the body fat is underwater weighing.

You can also use a tape to measure different areas of your body like calves, thighs, heights, abs, chest, arms, neck, etc. Then note it down in a diary. Then design your workout plan according to your problem areas.
For example, women tend to put on fat on their hips and thighs, so focus more on exercises which help to lose weight from this region.

Also, to achieve cardiovascular endurance you need to follow some cardiovascular exercises. If you want to lose weight fast, then go for high calorie burning exercises like rope skipping workout or swimming workouts.
To achieve muscular strength and muscular endurance, weight training exercises are must. Not just that, these exercises help greatly to tone your body.

Finally, stretching exercises for flexibility, and relaxation should be included. Make sure you do a warm up of 7 - 10 minutes before you start your workout, to prevent injuries.
The warm up can be a mild jogging session. Given below, is a sample program, keep adding few more repetitions and weights, every month as you develop stamina, this will make your routine more intense.
If you want to work out at home, and are new to weight training exercises, then hire an instructor for 3 months.
This is important because, for weight training certain posture and technique needs to be followed. If this technique/posture is not maintained, you can get severe injuries.