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Get Back to the Gym Faster With These 7 Recovery Strategies

Paisley Hansen Nov 02, 2019
You've pushed your workouts hard this week, and now you are really feeling them. Don't let muscle soreness and fatigue keep you from busting through a plateau and reaching your fitness goals. Instead, try one of these seven simple strategies for getting back in the gym after a grueling workout.

1. Stay Hydrated

Your body is made of muscles, bones, and other tissues. But, water is the largest part of it. The body needs you to replace the water lost throughout the day. On average, you would need around 100 ounces of fluid daily to keep your body functioning. A particularly tough workout can quickly take that number up, perhaps even doubling it.

2. Get Some Sleep

Your body will recover faster and more effectively with rest. Without enough sleep, your brain and body will suffer, and your performance can decline. If you are having trouble getting sleep, new mattress can help you. Options range from a traditional coil, memory foam, or any natural latex mattress.

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga has several benefits and can be a great complement to grueling workouts. Sure, it helps you stretch muscles and increase flexibility, but yoga is also a great way to strengthen connective tissues. That can potentially help you reduce your chance of injury when you return to gym.

4. Schedule a Massage

No longer reserved for special occasions, massage can be a regular part of any exercise routine. Manipulating muscles helps improve circulation, which can speed recovery. Massage can also break up knots or sore spots in the muscles to help minimize pain and soreness.

5. Listen to Music

The right music can help you power through a tough workout. Changing it up to something slower can help lower heart rate and blood lactate levels, which may reduce amount of soreness you experience later.

6. Try Compression

Compression devices can be worn almost anywhere, but they are most commonly seen as sleeves for arms and legs. These can help to reduce time between workouts and boost the amount of power gained from exercise.

7. Eat Protein

Proteins serve as the building blocks for all muscles and tissues. Consider it next time you take on a tough workout that causes miniature tears of your muscles. While that tearing is necessary for muscles to grow, it also demands protein to help start and maintain the process. Try a small, high protein snack before you go to bed.