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What are Fold Away Treadmills?

If one has a limited space for keeping exercise machines, then a fold away treadmill is the best alternative. Here is some information about this machine, and the advantages and disadvantages of the same.
Treadmills are one of the popular exercise equipment. They are indoor exercise machines in which one can take the benefit of aerobic workouts and can walk, run or jog, without leaving one's home. Thus, one can tone up, get in shape or lose weight at home. If one has this machine, there is no need to walk or run in the park or go to the gym for exercising.
They are better than exercise bicycles and rowing machines. One would need a pair of comfortable shoes to start exercising on this machine, irrespective of the time and weather conditions. These machines have been a popular choice for many people, especially for those with hectic schedule and keep them as a part of their home gym.
This machine can be a home or commercial type based on their usage, warranty, and features. A commercial type has higher-grade components with superior construction, training option, stability, and warranty. Home treadmills, as the name suggests, are used for exercising at home, whereas commercial treadmills are mostly seen in gyms.
Convenient for working out at home and at any time that suits one's schedule are two important advantages of these machines that have made them so popular. There are two types of this machine for home use, that is, the mechanical (run manually) and the electrical (controlled automatically) type.
Their basic feature is a moving platform called a treadmill belt (moving or running belt), which is either driven by an electric motor or controlled manually. Additional features are included based on the type of these machines.
In spite of the advantages, many people find them to be very bulky and are concerned about them occupying space. In such cases, fold away treadmills are the best option which can be folded to a convenient size of about 10 inches. One can keep it in the corner, or a closet, or under the bed. In addition, the cleaning of areas under it also becomes easier.
This type has the same features as the other conventional home ones like well-level controls for speed and slope, heart rate monitors, and convenient handles and buttons. Similarly, it displays the speed of walking or running, distance traveled, length of workouts, and the estimated calories burned. Moreover, it also comes in affordable prices.
However, one of the major disadvantages is their low stability. A treadmill is rated by its stability, which means it should be firm and safe during running and it should not shake while picking up the pace.
A non-folding treadmill is more stable as compared to a folding type. Hence, non-folding types are more preferable for the dedicated runners even if they occupy more space and are a bit difficult to move.
While buying a treadmill of any type, it is important to consider some points such as the belt size, construction, and gadgetry. Belt size should be according to the person's stride and a construction of steel frame is highly durable.
One should buy machines with features useful to him/her since it is worthless to buy an expensive machine with lots of facilities that are of little use. The stability of the machine should be checked for long-term use. Last but not the least, one should always purchase the machine that has warranty.
Disclaimer: The information given should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.