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Fastest Way to Lose Weight Naturally

Aastha Dogra Jul 17, 2020
Here are some effective tips on quick, healthy weight loss.
There are no two ways about the fact that the fastest way to lose weight naturally is by exercising regularly and taking a balanced diet. Fad diets, no matter how popular they are and how many people vouch for their effectiveness, somewhere down the line, do more harm to the body than you can even imagine.
Firstly, most of the weight loss programs or fad diets focus on eating a particular food group, thus you are sure to fall short of one essential nutrient or the other.
Secondly, can you ever imagine yourself never eating certain foods in your entire life? No, right? So you can see, there are very dismal chances that you will follow through a fad diet for a long term. The result? Gaining back whatever weight you have lost through it!
As you must have gauged by now, exercising and eating right is the only healthy and fast way to lose weight. Know in detail what does exercising and eating right to lose weight constitutes.

Fastest Natural Ways to Lose Weight

A Strong Determination

The first tip is to build your focus. You should be very clear of your goal, which in this case is healthy weight loss. Only once you are mentally prepared to go the whole hog to lose weight, can you actually achieve it.
So for once, make up your mind that you would not abuse your body in any way by overeating. Instead, you would shape it up in the most desirable manner, by controlling your diet and increasing your physical activities.

Say No To These

The first thing that you should do is to avoid foods that are known to add layers of fat on your body. So from now on, say bye bye to high sugar foods like cakes, pastries and candies, all processed foods, fried and oily foods such as potato fries, and all fast foods including pizzas and burgers!
Carbonated drinks and alcohol do nothing but add empty calories to your body, so limit their consumption too and if you can, totally give them up!

Say Yes To These

Eat fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories and contain the essential nutrients needed by the body to stay healthy.
Include fiber rich fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Fiber keeps the body full for a much longer time compared to other foods and thus, in a way, reduces the overall food consumption.
The protein rich foods too have the same effect on the body. Prepare your meal plans in such a way that you get the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, proteins and vitamins everyday, in order to lose weight naturally and fast.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Read any number of health magazines and you will find them all agreeing on one thing and that is - the best way to lose weight naturally is by exercising every day!
Cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, swimming, running, cycling and dancing, are recommended everyday for a minimum of thirty minutes. These should be complemented with weight training, floor exercises and resistance training, targeted at particular body parts.
Arms, legs, back, hips, chest area, abdomen, neck, shoulders and feet - all should be exercised thoroughly. Initially, it would do you good if you join a gym and have an exercise program designed by a professional, especially for you. Follow this program to the core and be consistent, if you are really serious about your weight loss goal.

Some Dos and Don'ts

There are some things that you should do and some that you should avoid, which can contribute immensely to your weight loss goals. Here is a complete list of such things.
  • Spread your meals throughout the day. Take five small meals, with small food portions, instead of three big meals.
  • Start your day with an egg. Eggs contain vitamin B12, which researches show aids in weight loss. Also, have your last meal at least two hours prior to sleeping, so that the body is able to digest it, before it takes a rest position.
  • Sleep for seven to eight hours everyday. Researches have shown that people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Not giving the body rest and sleep adds to the stress, and thus can lead you to eat more. Make sure that you have enough rest in a day.
  • It would be better if you can include yoga and meditation in your exercise routine as they calm the mind, build focus and thus you will be able to sustain your weight loss efforts forever.
  • An age-old effective home remedy for weight loss is to drink a glass of warm water in which juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey have been added. This drink should be taken first thing in the morning, as it aids in digestion and the removal of toxins from the body which can otherwise accumulate as fats.
  • Besides the ones mentioned, drinking two to three liters of water everyday aids in quick weight loss. It will speed up your metabolism, help in better digestion of food, aid in tidying over your hunger pangs, plus will make your skin glow!
Losing weight is not as difficult as it is made out to be, provided you have the will power to carry out your plans. Follow these mentioned tips, be consistent in your efforts, reward yourself by doing things that you like every time you lose a kilo - if you are able to do this, soon you will be fit, fine and fabulous!