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Fashionable Ways to Look Cool in Yoga Pants

Payal Kanjwani Mar 22, 2020
Be it the chick at the coffee store, or a mother at your local bank, you probably have noticed that fashion is driven by the athletic apparel these days, and this is what fashionistas also opine. So ladies, you don't need to compromise on your comfort for looking stylish because these sporty pants are here to stay!
Yoga pants aren't jeans! Drop them if they get faded or stretched. Just let them go after the expiration date.
Athleisure―the synonym for comfort+style. It's the trend that's storming the world right now, and has its roots settled in the wardrobes of some of our favorite celebrities. Blame it on them or everyone who's seen on streets―jogging suits and yoga pants are on a runway this season!
So it's time to ditch those rugged shoes and sweatshirts, and embrace some panache. Be it summers or winters, yoga pants can be worn and styled in every season. We've come up with some cool outfit ideas to look fashionable even in a pair of yoga pants. You can choose to wear the shoes worn by the model or opt for an alternative given by us.

Fashion level: Comfortable

Off for your yoga classes in the chilling winters? Embrace this nerd look this winter that gives you warmth with a super-cute style. A cozy gray fur coat paired with sneakers that complement your geek ensemble. Totally GeekChic!

Fashion level: Propah

Don't wanna seem too girly, but don't wanna be the one left behind?
Try this perky look; pick a cool, patterned top that covers your bottom. It can be striped, it can be plaid; you can play with them. Pair it up with ankle-length yoga pants. Pick those 'I-don't-care-on-the-outside-but-somewhere-I-do' flip-flops and adorn with a trendy pendant necklace to complete the look. Forever Young!

Fashion level: Cautious

Feline-lovers, this look is apt for you! With animal-prints topping the charts this season, we don't need any further reason for flaunting them. Couple your athleisure with a bold, brown trench, carry a statement handbag, and get into your pair of leopard-print shades. Lam in those stylish-yet-sophisticated shoes to complete the look.

Fashion level: Adventurous

Freewheelers, this sassy look is for you.
Infusing the color blocking talent, blend in some orange with pink go-to-yoga pants and add some flair to your outfit. Accessorize with a statement clutch and earrings.

Fashion level: Girly

Well, not going overboard or gaudy, we keep this look elegant and feminine.
With a white strapped top, teal is our pick to go matchy-matchy with accessories, adding pop to your outfit. Bangles and a cute pair of pumps is a must! You can combine teal with crispier shades like saffron or mint green, for a refreshing effect.

Some DOs and DON'Ts to Follow

  • Buy an opaque pair. Transparency strictly not encouraged!
  • Don't get a size small for a tighter fit.
  • Do consider wearing longer blouses.
  • Don't let your panty lines be exposed; we have trenches and jackets for a reason!
  • Do accessorize!