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Drinking Coffee Before Working Out

Veethi Telang Aug 23, 2020
So, you mean, I can go to Starbucks first, and then come to gym? Killer! Today, let's just ignore for once, the bad it has on body. Let's just bask in the good it does to you. Even though the mixed reviews make you think about drinking coffee, the truth is, we still drink it, and believe me, enjoy it to the core.
Quite recently, a few tests were carried out on athletes, where they consumed caffeine bprior to their workout session, and displayed up to 30 percent more efficiency in their workout. Many researchers also claim that those who consume caffeine before cycling, bicycled for longer, in comparison to those who drank plain water.

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Whoa! Coffee to add to weight loss? Now that is interesting. Well, it does have its advantages, whether or not you believe. For those who're in a fix whether drinking coffee before working out is good or not, this article shells out the ultimate truth. Don't forget to sign up for a monthly subscription with Starbucks after you're done reading!

Coffee and Workout: The Relation

The truth is, a caffeine kick is capable of delaying the post-workout sleepiness you experience by keeping you fit and fine. Not only does it combat fatigue, it also makes you efficient, energetic, and focused all throughout your workout.
You tend to exercise for longer than usual, and that is how you lose more weight. Many people experienced less problems associated with sleep, heart, and blood pressure, after just a few weeks of practicing this addition to their exercise routine. Well, thanks to caffeine that sends your brain an alert of pleasure, energy, and adrenaline!

How Does Drinking Coffee Before Workout Help

When you have been continuously working out for more than an hour, the body starts metabolizing fat, and thus, results in calorie burning.
But if you have consumed a cup of coffee before working out, the caffeine in it triggers the muscles to bring into use more and more fat for burning so that you lose more weight than you would've, had you not consumed caffeine. During a workout, the body brings into use glycogen, a carbohydrate that burns during the time you workout.
However, drinking coffee will activate the muscles to burn your actual fat instead of the carbohydrates. What's more, caffeine is said to trigger the central nervous system by blocking neurotransmitters that cause calming in the mind and body.
This blocking, in turn, makes the adrenal glands release more and more adrenaline so as to increase your heart rate. The result? Tightened up muscles, lots of glucose in your blood stream, dilated pupils, and a pumped up you!
Caffeine-rich drinks are also said to increase your endurance levels, especially while you're swimming, running, cycling, and during cardio. By drinking coffee just an hour before the strenuous aerobic activity, people could experience various psychological and physiological benefits. Their endurance levels were high, and they could workout for a longer span of time.
Phew, and you thought coffee could do nothing better than just keeping you awake?
You know, even though this story explains the various benefits of drinking coffee prior to working out, various risks associated with excessive consumption of caffeine have been authenticated, wherein, people consuming more than 6 cups of coffee daily experienced problems associated with stomach and brain.
Well, the drawbacks of caffeine are universally recognized. However, a cup of the same before workout is, in no way, a bad idea, and nothing else explains it better than the people who did experience the positive effects of including lattes and mochas in their warm-up schedule. Benefits, benefits. So, Costa, anyone?