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Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Here is a complete diet plan for a healthy weight loss. Lose those extra kilos by following this diet plan and lead a healthy lifestyle.
multazim shaikh Feb 14, 2019

Quick Overview

This diet plan is for those who are looking for weight loss. This is a high protein diet plan. And, this can be adjusted with your fat loss program.


4 Eggs + Whey Protein + 40 grams Oatmeal

Take whey protein depending on your requirement. I would suggest to take 1 scoop of whey protein in the morning.


28 grams of Almonds + Fruit of your choice

Almonds have a good amount of healthy fats and it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.


250 grams Chicken Breast + 2 Rotis + 40 grams Brown Rice + 80 grams Salad.

Add salad in at least one meal per day, this will help you to reduce toxins and also the lower belly fat.

Evening Snacks

2 slice of Brown Bread + 3 tbsp Peanut Butter

Brown bread is a good source of complex carbs and peanut butter contains healthy fats.


6 oz Beef + 2 Rotis + 80 grams Salad + 40 grams Greek Yogurt

Yogurt will improve digestion.

I would recommend not to go heavy at your dinner.


This high protein diet plan will surely help you in weight loss and also to build some muscle. To know more about diet for muscle building, you can refer to this 2500 calorie meal plan.

The recommended weight loss plan may be heavy for some individuals, so you should first know your maintenance calories and then adjust the meal accordingly.