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Deep Breathing for Weight Loss

Along with a healthy diet and workout, deep breathing exercises can help you lose weight. It is, however, the most neglected aspect in the quest for weight loss.
Azmin Taraporewala Feb 15, 2020
Technology is leaping forward and is creating an impact while it trots the globe, proving its velocity of success. In an age where developing six-pack abs is a necessity, and bulging biceps the norm, weight loss procedures have also approved of shortcuts and quick fixes to achieve the desired result.
After all, when have we heard of people losing 5 kilos in two weeks and gaining them in the next couple of weeks, other than this age? In the name of rapid results, we have often neglected the mundane, the most natural property within us that could be used to achieve our respective goals.
The answer lies within us; a law of nature we cannot stop ourselves from adhering to. (Unless the angels/demons call us to heaven or hell, respectively!) Yes, it is breathing. Do you know that there are ways to breathe right? You can regulate your breathing in order to derive results that you desire.
Deep breathing for weight loss goals could be one of the best, and perhaps one very effective method.

How Deep Breathing Helps

Deep breathing exercises for weight loss can perhaps turn out to be the corner stones for you to achieve your goal successfully and consistently.
You may very well know that losing weight is, indeed, a challenge; however, maintaining the lost weight is, an even greater challenge. No one would want to revert to their original fluffy state after a few weeks of following diets and hitting the gym religiously!
Oxygen is not just essential to sustain life; but is also a helpful ingredient in burning fat cells. When you practice deep breathing, oxygen is flushed into the lungs where the mitochondria gets activated or stimulated; thereby, improving your metabolism. Also, it is through the mitochondria that energy is produced.
It is during exercise that fats function as storehouse of producing energy. Deep breathing exercises, when contribute to becoming a part of ones' self, amplifies the efficiency with which the organs of body perform. However trivial a matter it may sound, it curbs bowel inhibitions; as a result, regulating the system and disposing waste matter effectively.
A hormone produced within the body; namely, cortisol, if generated in excess, makes the system susceptible to storing fat for undulated period. With deep breathing, the production of cortisol retains control; thereby, helping the mind and body to relax.
Thus, deep breathing may be helpful in losing weight while you exercise, or while you are struggling to hit the gym. You will find yourself benefiting with deep breathing; also, correcting other aspects of life; such as your energy levels and motivational levels, that help you fight frustrations and stressful situations in life.

Deep Breathing Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercises that make all the difference to your health are explicated below. If followed religiously, you may notice the needle of your weighing scale indicate your choicest slant!

Technique #1:

There are times when one may feel extremely stressed due to goals. We may also feel that we are unable to reach our goals and by the end of it all, could be a failure. Wait! Think ... and breathe. Take deep breaths and in no time you would attest that you are feeling better.
Try and choose a place that does not invite hubbub. Sit where you can think ... ''library!" Inhale from the nose and hold it there for a count of 10 seconds. Release your breath slow and steady. When you exhale, your abdomen should feel like a deflated balloon.
It should feel loose; get what I am saying. Repeat this 7 to 10 times, and you would get into gear once again ... to get back to your weight loss goal.

Technique #2:

Sometimes, a sense of lethargy and frustration may await you during your weight loss journey; especially, when you are halfway through the goal and the anxiety to reach your ideal weight knows no bounds. It is here that you would need to practice this technique.
All you need to do here is to sit on a chair, with your back straight and your palms placed on your knees. Start breathing rapidly. Do not devote too much time to inhaling and exhaling slowly and steadily. Continue this for 10 to 15 seconds. This exercise makes you feel better about the situation, and you may allow anxiety and lethargy to kick the bucket!

Technique #3:

The following breathing technique will aid in digestion and facilitate blood circulation. Sit in one place and exhale the air through the nose, concentrating on releasing it first from the chest, moving on to the upper abdomen and finally letting off the air from the diaphragm.
Continue this exercise by letting the air pass through, in a wave-like motion through the chest, upper abdomen, and the diaphragm.

Technique #4:

During your program to lose weight, you may face a situation where you have cravings for gulping something sweet, or munching on something that is fatty and greasy. However, when you know you can't, there is a simple technique you can try, to avert the possibilities of digging into your craving; indeed, by forceful choice! Sit in one place and inhale slowly.
As you inhale, think about the image of the food item that you have a craving for. Hold the image for a count of 2 to 5 seconds, imagine drawing in the aroma of the item and as soon as you do it, exhale by opening your mouth wide. This serves one significant purpose, i.e., it lets you forgo your craving, making you give up the item for a stipulated period.
It is worthwhile to mention in here that exercise and healthy diet are vital aspects on your quest to losing weight; that, which cannot be replaced. The results observed after practicing these techniques of deep breathing, will surely motivate you in your weight loss and help you keep off those extra kilos you have shed. If nothing else, it guarantees to clear the clutter of anxiety and stress.