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Common Treadmill Running Mistakes

Snehal Motkar Mar 5, 2020
Working out on the treadmill at home or in the gym can be a great way to get in shape, if done properly. However, most people, unknowingly, make a few common mistakes that can hamper the results of the workout. Here, we have listed some of the most common mistakes people make while running on a treadmill.

Running at Walking Speed ...

... may shorten your stride length and increase the risk of tripping over and falling off the treadmill.
Is running outdoors exactly the same as running on a treadmill? Certainly not. While running outdoors, you propel your body in a forward direction to move from one point to another.
On the contrary, while running on the treadmill, your body remains at the same point, and you can run only by lifting your legs. This becomes an unnatural way of running, which may alter your running style altogether.
Apart from that, a lot of people make certain other treadmill running mistakes, without even being aware of it. Hence, enlisted below are the most common mistakes that you should avoid while trying to shed those extra pounds on the treadmill.

Lack of Concentration

Lots of people find treadmill too boring, but do it for the sake of losing some weight.
In such a scenario, they tend to switch on the television to catch their favorite show, or grab a book or magazine and start flipping the pages while completing the workout.
However, this indicates lack of concentration, which can cause problems with your natural posture and gait. Hence, focus on your posture and overall walking technique, and reserve the reading activity for the cooling-down session.

Skipping the Warm-up and Cool-down Session

When caught in a time crunch, you tend to hop on the treadmill, run for the decided amount of time and get off.
However, the time saved like this can take a toll on your body by causing pains and injuries in the long run. To avoid this, take out five to ten minutes for a good warm-up session, and do a few hip circles, toe touches, etc., prior to running.
Like warming up, cooling down is also important after treadmill running. There is a tremendous rise in the blood flow due to an active running session, which needs to be normalized slowly. If you don't cool down the body gradually after the fast-paced running activity, it may make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

Long Strides with Swinging Arms

Taking long strides in order to cover more area in less strides is an extremely inefficient method, which can also be dangerous for you.
By leaping higher with longer strides, you waste a lot of energy, and hence, can't work for long because of exhaustion. Apart from that, you may hit the front frame of the machine, which can make you fall and leave you very badly injured.
When it comes to arms, it is incorrect to wing out your arms and swing them as you walk. This movement consumes extra energy that could be utilized in working out longer.
It is ideal to rest your arms normally by the sides while at walking pace. Once you get into the jogging mode, bend your arms parallel to each other and at 90 degrees, and let them swing naturally in sync with the feet.

Repeating the Same Routine

For months together, people go on running on their treadmill, but don't find any significant difference in their weight. Why does this happen? Well, if you keep on doing the same thing every day, meaning, running at the same speed and for fixed hours, how will it have a considerable effect on your body?
In order to achieve your weight loss goal or to stay in shape, it is important to intensify your workout on the treadmill; in the sense that the speed at which you run should increase gradually, and hours of the workout should also keep on increasing to some extent.

Holding the Bars

To reap the benefits of a treadmill workout to its fullest, it is important to work a little harder and strain the body to a certain extent. Walking on an incline is far better than walking on the level because when you walk on an incline, your legs are stretched to work more, and hence, you burn more calories.
However, if you hold on to the bars or the handrails, it won't help much even while running on an incline. The body weight that is supported by your legs gets transferred to your hands, and there is no more strain on the legs. Due to this you, don't burn enough calories and ultimately don't find any signs of weight loss.

Jumping Off a Moving Treadmill

Jumping off a speedy treadmill belt for a break, to towel off, or to get a sip of water is extremely harmful. It disrupts the flow of your workout, harms the joints, and most importantly, increases the risk of an injury. It is always better to reduce the speed of the machine and then get off the treadmill belt at the right time.
In order to make the most of your treadmill workout, avoid committing the above-mentioned mistakes, and try to correct your treadmill technique. Also, follow a proper diet, drink plenty of fluids and water to keep yourself hydrated, and above all, maintain a positive attitude while doing any kind of workout.