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15 Common Excuses for Not Exercising

Shweta Ajwani Mar 17, 2020
May be they are intentional, may be they are not. May be they are genuine, may be they are not. Here are the top excuses people make for not being able to exercise, and how they have them ready at the tip of their tongue.
I believe that every human has a finite amount of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.
―Neil Armstrong
The doctor has advised a daily dose of exercise to ensure that you live, feel, and look healthy. Your waist warns you, 'adding up pounds here is subtracting dollars from your wallet since your pants are not gonna fit you'.
You know for yourself that any delay in stepping on that treadmill will cost you your health, and put you at a greater health risk. In spite of all this, you still make an excuse for not exercising. You are not alone. Here are some common excuses people make for not giving their body enough physical activity.

I don't have the time.

If you have the time to go on a shopping spree, if you have the time to watch movies, if you have the time to lull on your couch all day long, I'm more than sure, you can spare at least half an hour for the betterment of your body.

Exercising is boring.

Exercising doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym, and lifting those same old dumbbells repeatedly, every day of every week. Exercising is any physical effort that you make to improve your health and fitness levels.
A brisk walk in the park, a game of squash, a yoga session, a trek in the woods, a jog with a friend, aqua aerobics, hell, even if you lock your room and dance like crazy for at least half an hour, that counts as exercise. Find your calling!

I have kids.

Your kids are innocent! Stop using them as your excuse. They would rather spend an hour at their friend's, playing a game of hide and seek or Super Mario, than just loiter around the house while you slouch on the sofa, when you could go and just exercise instead!

I don't see any results.

Rome wasn't built in a day, my dear friend. And neither will you build a body that resembles that of a Greek God or Goddess after just a couple of workouts. The body takes time to get used to a certain routine, and you need to be patient enough and give it time.

The gym membership is too expensive.

If you are a working individual, the gym has exclusive offers, if you are a student, the gym has student discounts, if you are married, the gym offers couple memberships, not to mention the ease of payment that the gym offers.
And, after all, the ridiculous amount of money you spent on the silk scarf that you bought to cover your double chin, would rather be spent in buying yourself a gym membership that would help you get rid of that double chin once and for all.

I can't find motivation.

You can't find one? I'll give you five! You get to impress your crush with those curves on your body, you fit into that hot LBD this Christmas, the compliments on the 'new you' don't stop flowing in, you look like a teenager all over again, and the most important one, it makes you so happy! Borrow one of these if you still haven't found your motivation.

Exercising hurts.

The gym trainers were hired for a reason. Just because your back hurts, your legs and face don't have to suffer and become chubbier by the day.
Talk to the trainer about your body (the pains and injuries of course!), and chalk out an exercise routine that won't affect your pain but still carve the rest of the body into shape.

I start, only to end up quitting.

This indicates a lack of control over the mind, willpower, and self. So, first practice meditation and mental well-being, that helps you build self-control and willpower which will help you overcome this problem.

I'll start exercising from Monday.

This card is played throughout the week, and its usage increases tremendously over the weekend. Not only does it postpone your healthy workout sessions, you also tend to have the time of your life by piling up on food that will be off-limits once you start exercising. Whether you really start exercising from Monday onwards, is a different story altogether.

I am too old.

Are you older than the Indian Sikh who is over a hundred years old and still runs marathons? If no, then you can stop using this excuse, and go find yourself another one. Let me tell you a secret, exercise makes you feel and look younger.

I'm too fat.

Hello! Are we missing the point here? Doesn't exercising mean burning fat, reducing weight, and getting into shape? How is 'I'm too fat' an excuse? If what you are trying to say is that you are embarrassed to go out there since you are fat, please don't be.
The gym or any other exercising arena, is a place where fat people go to become thin. So, you are not the only one.

Exercise makes me hungry.

That's perfectly okay (unless you start binging on burgers and milkshakes right after your workout).
In fact, if you are trying to lose weight, skipping meals and not eating is an unhealthy practice, and makes you put on weight faster. It also affects the body's metabolism for the worst, making it all the more difficult for you to shed weight. The key is to eat right!

I can't find a workout buddy.

The fact that you are still looking for a workout buddy shows that you are still single in that aspect, which shows that none of your friends came looking for you as their workout buddy, which means they are working their way to a fabulous body, while you still wait for their company! Pity.
The world waits for no one old chap! The sooner you understand this, the better it would be for you.

I don't know how to exercise.

Trainers and instructors at the gym, YouTube videos if you decide to exercise at home, your knowledge if you have been-there-and-done that, the dance teacher, the yoga guru―all are faculties whose services are at your disposal and waiting to be used. Ask, if you don't know! Communication solves all problems.

I am too tired.

Being too tired is not an excuse for not exercising, it is a sign that you should be exercising more. Tiredness and fatigue can indicate poor stamina and muscle strength.
A daily dose of exercise helps you build stamina and muscle power, and keeps you fresh and happy, leaving no scope for tiredness and fatigue.
The only reason holding you back is 'you'. But once you start and see the results, you understand its worth and importance. Hope that you realize it sooner, than later.