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Chin Ups Workout

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 27, 2020
Chin ups are very effective, when it comes to strengthening the muscles of the upper body, and increasing the endurance capability of the back, shoulder, and arms. The following story provides information about some of these exercises along with the muscles targeted by them.
Performing chin ups can certainly help strengthen the upper body muscles. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen the latissimus dorsi, which the broad flat muscle located at the either side of the back. Even the basic version of this exercise is difficult for most beginners, as it requires a lot of strength.
A regular routine which includes this exercise, provides endurance and strength to the upper body muscles. The exercise is performed with the help of a chin up bar, and needs the supervision of a fitness trainer in case of beginners.

Exercise Regimen

To begin with, you need a lot of stamina to perform this exercise, and also need to be extra careful to avoid any muscle injury. Therefore, do not exert yourself with too many sets in the beginning. This form of exercise helps in any sport that involves immense endurance. Since it's a shoulder exercise, it helps strengthen the back muscles.

Warm Up Exercises

A good warm up session, before starting any form of exercise, helps make your body flexible. Warm up exercises should consist of stretches. The session should last for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Bar Training

Initially, it might be difficult to perform this exercise. Hence, use a chair initially to avoid stress and injury. You can also take the help of your trainer while doing this.


It is also a form of triceps exercise, that helps one develop strong arms with puffed biceps and triceps. The following are the variations of this exercise.
Straight Move: Hold the chin up bar using both the hands with a pronated grip. Adjust your body to a straight hanging position. Do not swing. Pull up your body smoothly, such that the chin goes over the bar. Then lower your body and go back to normal position. This exercise can help strengthen the shoulder, forearm, neck, etc.
Static Hang on the Bar: Hold the bar with one hand and hang for as long as possible. This can be intimidating in the beginning. Remember to shake your arms before hanging on the bar.
Side Crunch on the Bar: This is mainly an abdominal exercise, which enhances strength of the torso and abdomen. Hang from the bar, and then lift both the legs from one side. You have to retain this position for sometime, and then repeat the same with the other leg.
Single Arm: In the beginning, you need to use your hand to grab the wrist of the arm you are hanging with for support. This provides additional resistance for strength building. This exercise not only helps in strengthening the muscles, but it is also a good exercise for building biceps.

Chin Ups for Endurance

Endurance training requires a lot of will power. Chin up lock offs improve strength. You also need to breathe in between to make the exercise more effective. For enhancing endurance, you should begin with a set of four. Rest your body in between to relax and breathe. You can gradually observe improvement in your endurance capability.
These workouts are very effective for strength training exercises. Practice it regularly to improve the endurance of your muscles and strength of the bones. Make sure to take help of good fitness expert to learn the correct moves.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.