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Chin Ups For Biceps

Omkar Phatak
Most old-school bodybuilders still prefer chin ups, when it comes to the development of biceps. It is a proven strength-building exercise, that every beginner should learn. In this story, I expound the correct way of doing it.
When it comes to building muscle strength and size, there is no alternative to consistency of exercise, targeting select muscles. One of the oldest known exercises is the 'Chin Up'. It is one of the best strength-building exercises that you can opt for. Fitness trainers highly recommend them.
The strength of the arms radiates out of the biceps. To build arm strength, it is essential that you work on the biceps. Muscles that get used often, get stronger and conversely, ones that are not used, lose their strength. This is the basic principle that guides muscle building. You have to constantly challenge your pain threshold to achieve growth.

Difference Between Chin Ups and Pull Ups

Often, people mistakenly refer to chin ups and pull ups as the same exercise. Actually, they are quite different, targeting distinct muscle groups. When you hang on to a bar, with the palms facing away from your face, what you perform are pull ups.
They target the back muscles more than the biceps. Conversely, when you hang on to a bar, with the palms facing towards your face, what you perform is a chin up.


The chin up exercise is quite simple and straightforward. Since it is quite an energy-consuming exercise for the biceps, it's best that you schedule it at the start of your workout session. Begin with a low amount of reps and increase them as you get better at it.
You will need a bar, fitted high enough, with enough support to handle your body weight. Chin up bars, for home use, are available in stores. Hang on to the bar, with your palms directed towards your face. Make sure that your hands are further apart, than your body's shoulder-to-shoulder width.
Now, without bending or resorting to any jerky movements, pull up your body, till the chin goes above the bar line. Let the body be as straight as possible. Then, go down in a reverse fashion until you are back to the starting position. You may choose to bend your legs in the knees while completing this exercise so that they do not touch the ground, if the bar is not high enough.
The effects of chin ups on the development of biceps will be apparent as you continue performing them regularly, over an extended period of time. Don't get discouraged, if at your first-ever attempt, you manage only one or two. It is an exercise that requires perseverance and time to get used to.
You haul your entire body weight using the strength of your biceps. It is bound to be a bit taxing and exhausting at the start. Just 'hang in there' at the start.
Your bulging biceps will eventually stand testimony to the effectiveness of this workout. Though, my explanation of the technique should have given you an adequate idea of how to perform this exercise, I advise you to consult a qualified fitness instructor before beginning.
He will correctly evaluate your current preparation level and advise accordingly. A live demonstration of the correct technique will help you get it right. Always remember, correct technique, perseverance and rest, backed by adequate nutrition are the keys to building muscles.