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Chest Training Tips

There are certain tips you can follow to get a massive chest. Know more about them and put them into practice in your exercise routine for even better results.
multazim shaikh Jul 13, 2019

Using Different Angles in Bench Press

The best way to train your chest muscle is to go with different variations in your exercise pattern. Don't just rely on the bench press. You must also try incline and decline bench press.

The incline bench press will train your upper chest while the decline bench press will train your lower chest.

Lift Heavy Weights First

This one is the most effective way to train any muscle. This will utilize your energy to lift heavy weights first and then easily you can lift lighter weights. This method is also called a reverse pyramid. Perform at least 8 reps with the heavyweights.

Don’t Follow the Same Routine

This is the main reason of not getting desired results. When you follow same routine for a long time, your body knows what's coming next.

So, add in few steps or change your exercise routine once in every 2 weeks. You will notice your body putting in the needed efforts, that would give te results you have been wanting.


Many young boys perform the exercise like a flash. If you are doing so, then stop it immediately. Else, all your efforts as well as your time will be wasted. Speed is important while you are doing bench press. When you bring the barbell down, bring it slowly and while pushing it upwards, you can again increase the speed.


Giving proper amount of rest is very important to build muscles. Don't train lower chest muscle thrice a week.

Just once or twice a week is good. When you allow your body to rest, your muscle growth gets better and you can soon get in shape.