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Chair Aerobic Exercises

Pragya T Aug 22, 2020
Chair aerobic exercises are good for those who can't perform high impact exercises. Here are 10 different types of chair exercises, that will help you improve your aerobic capacity.
Chair aerobics are suitable exercises for people, who can't perform outdoor exercises or high impact exercises. People with injuries, obesity problems, diabetics, elderly people, etc., can use these exercises everyday as their regular workout. These are low impact exercises which will increase your aerobic capacity by making your heart and lungs healthier.
When doing these exercises certain precautions should be taken. Use a sturdy chair and right posture to prevent any injuries. Also, wear comfortable clothing and shoes. If you had any previous injuries or health problems, consult your doctor before you start with these exercises.
If you experience any symptoms of heat stroke or dehydration, while performing the below exercises on the chair then discontinue the exercise, till you have recovered. Take care to perform these exercise in a well ventilated room.
Marching Exercise: This is a simple to do exercise. While seated, simply march by left right alternate feet movement. In this exercise accompany swinging motion of the arms to get more out of the workout.
Tapping Exercise: These are also simple exercises. Simply tap with your left leg three time and while you are taping with your left leg raise your right hand in the air. Then switch sides and repeat.
Jumping Jacks: Seated jumping jacks are fun and easy to do. They will also help you improve your flexibility. So, spread your legs sideways, with this motion spread your arms sideways too. Then bring the feet back together and close your arms. Repeat.
Kicking Workout: This is a fun workout which will help you build strength in your legs. For this exercise, raise your right leg and keep it parallel to your right thigh. Then kick once, twice and thrice. While you are kicking, simultaneously punch straight in the air three times too with left hand, in sync with the kicking. Then switch sides and repeat.
Simple Leg Bounce: For this chair exercise simply bounce your leg up and down quickly. While you are bouncing your legs up and down, swing your arms side to side. You can add variation to this exercise by making your leg bounce higher.
Charleston Basic Step: This is a very basic and simple aerobic step. For this, bring your feet together, then tap one foot forwards and bring it back. Repeat with other leg.
Leg Crossing Workout: This is another interesting workout. To perform this workout bring your feet a little forward and keep them together. Then cross your right foot behind the left, and bring it back to starting position. Switch sides and repeat.
Twisting Torso: This is a great exercise to work on your sides. For this workout use a chair which has arm rest on both the sides. Then simply twist your torso to one side and hold the arm rest of that side for a second, then twist your torso to other side and hold that side's arm rest for a second.
Side Punches: This is another fun workout. For this arm workout, simply punch up and sideways in the air with your right arm, then with your left arm.
Your Own Workout: These were the various chair exercises. Number 10 workout can be your own creative idea. You can simply combine simple chair aerobic steps with other workout, or do them using dumbbells. So, use your own imagination. However, make sure it is simple low impact cardio and doesn't put too much strain on your body.
You can perform each exercise for two to three minutes. Keep the duration of workout to 20 to 30 minutes. If possible, you can also try other low impact exercises sometimes. Do exercises like water aerobics, swimming, jogging, walking, step aerobics, etc., once or twice a week to keep your workout interesting.