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Cardio Workouts for Men

Kanika Khara Aug 25, 2020
Cardio workouts not only help in weight loss but also to tone the body and increase stamina level. Read on to know about some of the best cardio workouts for men and their benefits too.
We have all heard about and are well aware of the benefits of exercising. Cardio exercises and workouts are primarily performed to burn body fat and strengthen the cardiac muscles by improving the heart rate. These workouts increase endurance and also help in building muscle strength.
Most men prefer weightlifting exercises to lose weight fast instead of cardio workouts. However, cardio exercises are essential for overall well-being and general fitness.
The first thing that should be kept in mind with cardio workouts is the timing. Make sure you perform the exercises early in the morning on an empty stomach, as this helps in effective burning of the stored fats and carbohydrates as fuel. However, you can have some kind of zero-calorie energy drink or black coffee prior to the workout session.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise performed on a raised platform. It mainly targets the legs, butt and hips, burning up to 400 calories in around 30 minutes.
The amount of calories burned vary as per the speed of the movements, step height, and exercise duration. Step aerobics help burn calories, control weight, and maintain the health of our cardiovascular system.


Bicycling is a great way to burn excess calories, shed body fat, and enhance cardiovascular health.
Depending upon the body weight, intensity of the ride and motion of bicycling, especially uphill and high intensity cycling, one can burn around 400 to 500 calories in a one-hour bicycling trip.


Running or jogging is the best cardio workout that requires no special equipment (except a pair of good quality shoes), and can be done anywhere and anytime.
It helps in burning serious calories, up to 300 in around 30 minutes, if running at a speed of around 5 mph. The only thing you have to keep in mind is not to over-stress your knees and ankles, which may result in some kind of pain or discomfort.

Elliptical Trainer

This is one of the most popular machines in the gym that provides an overall workout. It's a great way to build endurance without a lot of pounding on the joints, while protecting them from high-impact activities. The elliptical trainer is an excellent option for doing cardio exercise that helps in burning 300 calories in around 30 minutes.


A great cross-training for other cardio activities, swimming involves your entire body, and hence, more calories are burnt eventually.
Its different strokes, especially the breast stroke, involves the use of many muscle groups, burning nearly 400 calories in 30 minutes, without worrying about high-impact injuries on the joints.

Cross-Country Skiing

Whether one is on a gym machine or swooshing over miles of snow, cross-country skiing is an amazing cardio exercise that also involves an element of fun with it.
It involves both the upper and lower parts of the body, and one can burn approximately 330 calories in 30 minutes of skiing.
Therefore, the best way to achieve overall fitness of the mind and body is to have an exercise regime comprising few strength training sessions and a daily dose of cardio workouts.
Make sure you perform a proper warm-up session before starting any of these workouts. Try incorporating them into your daily exercise regime, and work out four to five days a week for 30 - 75 minutes. You will surely see and feel the difference, all for the better. All the best!