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Calories Burned on a Recumbent Bike

Dinesh Relwani Feb 26, 2020
Let us take a look at the amount of calories that are burned on a recumbent bike, when using it as a multipurpose exercise bike, which will not only help in losing weight but also help in multitasking while working out.
Recumbent bicycles are special type of bikes which have a back support for the rider, and the pedals are not similar to the basic bicycles. They are located parallel to the seat of the bike.
These bikes fall into three categories such as, short wheel base (SWB), long wheel base (LWB), and compact long wheel base (CLWB). One can also find these in fitness centers and gyms, but the calories burned using it are quite less in comparison to other weight loss equipment.
In SWB bikes, the pedals are located ahead, near the front wheel, and are also very easy to handle, and ride. They have a compact size which makes them easy to move from one place to another, and can be kept anywhere when not in use. LWB bikes have pedals located in between the front and the back wheels, and give a very smooth feeling of riding.
However, it becomes very difficult to ride the long wheel base bikes on narrow streets. In the CLWB bikes, the pedals are very close to either the front wheel or the back wheel, and because of this, it becomes very easy to learn to ride them. It also has a higher seat, and so it becomes very easy for the rider to see other vehicles while riding.

Workout Benefits

In modern-day fitness centers, the recumbent bike workout program falls into major cardiovascular exercises. Such a workout is considered as a very quick way to burn calories and lose weight. A lot of people consider walking and jogging on the treadmill over these bicycles, because of various problems relating to back.
However, these bikes are different from all the other bicycles, because they have a unique, and a very comfortable form of seating arrangement. The back rest which they provide is something that makes them outstanding from the other bikes, and one can burn calories with a lot more comfort in an effortless manner.

Calories Burned

The fact is that a treadmill is always a more effective way of working out. On an average, most people burn about 700 calories per hour on a treadmill, and the same people burn about 500 calories per hour on an exercise bike. But there are other things which people need to consider, such as the temperament, ease, and quantity of workout.
An exercise bike is useful for a lot of people who want to lose weight, but fail to do it because of their schedule. While riding a recumbent stationary bike, the hands can always be left free, and one can simultaneously do multiple things, along with their workout to get rid of boredom. On the other hand, a person cannot stick to a treadmill for too long.
People avoid working out mainly because of back pain and injury scares, and for such people the recumbent exercise bike is the best way to exercise.
It happens to many of us that once we come across even a minor injury, we are unable to use the treadmill for quite some time, and it becomes very difficult to keep the flow of workout. The best way to deal with such injuries, is to use these exercise bikes.