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Body Toning Exercises for Men

Aarti R Feb 20, 2020
Body toning exercises for men are meant to build the muscles, and decrease the amount of fat in the body. Here are some body toning exercises for men.
Every guy dreams of having a toned body with well-built muscles. Building the muscles and reducing the fat in the body is the foremost step in bodybuilding. For achieving this aim, you need to follow certain exercise programs.
With regular exercise, you can get rid of unwanted fat from the body. Muscle toning exercises for men are designed to increase the muscle mass and power.
When you have some muscle on your body and very low fat, the muscle is easily seen. People with more muscle and negligible fat are said to have 'toned muscles.' Exercise helps you lose fat and build more muscle and make the muscles visible.

Muscle Toning Workouts for Men

For the Stomach

There is a lot of hard work and patience required for making the 'six pack abs dream' come true. Pilates exercises for men are very effective exercises, which can help tone abdominal muscles.
For performing a stomach exercise, lie down on the floor, on your stomach, and then with the help of your elbows, lift your body and remain in this position for about 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise 15 times for best results. Also, crunches are very helpful for getting rid of the fat around stomach.

For the Legs

There are many toning exercises for legs, like heel raises, step up, sprinting, jumping squats, and lunges. Squats are very effective for toning the leg muscles. Leg exercises, if performed regularly, can help you build the muscles in the calf and thighs.
Running, cycling, and jogging are also very good exercises for legs. The exercises for thighs include simple lunges and walking lunges.

For the Arm

Arm workouts include triceps toning exercises with weights. There are dumbbell exercises as well as exercises done with the help of barbells. These will help you get those well-toned muscles.
To build arm muscles, you may use light weights and repeat exercise till muscles are fully drained.

For the Shoulder and Chest

There are many body weight exercises in the chest workout routine, like dips and push ups. Barbell press, stability ball push-ups, and dumbbell exercises for the chest tone muscles are very effective.
These body toning exercises must be performed regularly and consistently to see the desired results. You should ask your trainer to design your workout program.
Also, for best results, you can combine some of the cardiovascular exercises with weight training exercises. Merely exercising does not give the desired results. So, follow a proper diet and exercise routine, and you shall reap the benefits and results soon.