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Bicep Exercises with Dumbbells

Mamta Mule Feb 10, 2020
Toning up the biceps is often a primary part of an exercise program designed for men or women. With the right dumbbell exercises you can strengthen your bicep muscles and give them a well toned look. Here are the details of a few good bicep exercises with dumbbells in this category.
Want to have those great looking upper arms with toned up biceps? While you workout your body there is a specific set of exercises which you need to include in the exercise program, so as to target your bicep muscles. There are a number of bicep exercises which can help build the muscles of this area and also trim down the fatty arms.

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While women can have sleek and slender arms, men can get rugged masculine biceps by performing proper bicep toning exercises with weights. In the following sections we will get to know about a few bicep exercises with dumbbells which you can also perform at your home.

Exercises to Perform

Two Arm Dumbbell Curls

Hold one dumbbell in each hand and stand upright with palms facing your sides. Slowly move your arms upwards and simultaneously rotate them so that the palms face your body. Take both the arms close to your boy and lower them slowly to the initial position after taking a pause of 1-2 seconds. Perform 15-20 reps and 2 sets of this exercise.

Hammer Curls

To perform this exercise, stand upright and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms must face towards inner side. Keep hands straight and close to your sides with a slight bent at your elbows. Raise your hands, bending them at elbow.
Do not use upper arms while you perform this movement. Raise your hands until your biceps are fully concentrated and the dumbbell reaches till the shoulder level. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower the weights. Perform 20 reps and 3 sets of hammer curl exercise.

Incline Alternated Biceps Curl

Sit on this bench, hold one dumbbell in each hand and rest your back on the inclined part of the bench. Your hands must hang down with palms facing your sides. Rest your feet on floor with knees folded. Now slowly raise your left hand and bring the dumbbell till your shoulder.
At the same time, rotate your hand so that your palm faces the shoulder. Hold for 2-4 seconds and very slowly lower it back to the initial position. Now do the same exercise using right hand and keep on performing alternate bicep curls. Perform 20 reps for each hand and 2-3 set of this exercise.

Concentration Curl

Be seated in upright position on a chair or bench with legs apart and a dumbbell in your right arm. Bend slightly, so that you can comfortably place your right elbow on right thigh. Now take your right lower arm down, so that it also rests on the right thigh. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, facing towards you. To maintain a balance while you perform the exercise, you will need to place the left hand on your left knee.
Start this bicep exercise by slowly curling your right lower arm upwards, towards the shoulder. While you perform concentration curl, make sure that you concentrate on the bicep muscles and ensure that just the area of your arm is being worked out with the lower arm movement.
Relax by taking your arm back to the thighs after holding the position for 4-5 seconds. The exercise needs to be repeated in same speed at least 15-20 times. Also repeat the same exercise by holding the dumbbell in right hand. Total 2-3 sets of 20 reps for each hand need to be performed.

Seated Isolated Dumbbell Curl

Sit upright on an end of the exercise bench with legs apart, to perform this exercise. Now hold a dumbbell in your right hand and place the right elbow against the front of your right thigh. This means your right elbow or arm is not taking any support.
Now raise your right hand to bring the dumbbell till your shoulder's height and pause for 2-3 seconds. Slowly, lower back this dumbbell to the initial position. Perform 10-15 reps and alternate your hand.
Apart from the aforementioned exercises, you can also perform preacher biceps curl, bench alternated biceps curl, alternate dumbbell curls and supine biceps curls as well. Make sure you design the exercise program well and perform the exercises regularly so as to get the best results in lesser duration. All set to have well toned biceps?