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How to Choose a Home Treadmill

Here is a guide to help you find the appropriate treadmill for yourself.
Lalan Maliakal
There are a variety of exercise equipment available in the market, but buying a treadmill is a safe bet. The capacity and features of regular treadmills differ from that provided for a home gym.

Functions and Features

A basic treadmill allows you to set the distance and speed. The workouts are jogging, running, and brisk walking. Once you press 'START', you are on a roll.
As you come closer to the preset distance, the machine will automatically slow down and gradually stop. If you want to do a variety of exercises like elliptical exercises, then you might want to go in for a more sophisticated treadmill.
The features and functions increase as you go higher up with your price range. A better treadmill will have an LED display, showing important information like calories burned, distance traveled, speed, and pulse rate.
The console of the machine should be easy to use. The important buttons like 'Start' and 'Stop' should be easily accessible. If the basic use of the console is not user-friendly, there is no point in making it attractive. Obviously, safety comes much before style. There should be an emphasis on the comfort of the treadmill.
The cushioning provided should not harm or injure your joints, ligaments or back. You would like to place the machine in a confined area of the house. The ideal treadmill would be the foldable one for its space utilization.


The motor forms an integral part of the treadmill; therefore, it is essential to know how powerful the motor is. It is an expensive part to fix if it breaks down. So, the treadmill you choose for your home should be durable. When you increase the intensity of your exercise program, the motor tends to overheat, thereby, causing the treadmill to collapse.


A robust warranty is a must for any treadmill. A warranty is not just for the protection of your investment, but it also says a lot about the quality of the product.
A good quality treadmill comes with 1-year on-site and 2 - 5 years off-site warranty. If there is a need to fix the parts in the first year itself, then a technician comes to your home to repair the machine. If the machine needs repair after the first year, it has to be transported to the service center.
Motor warranty usually is for 5 years, and the frame will be covered for at least 30 years. Anything above this, is an excellent deal.


Cost will entirely depend on your needs. If your need is basic, the cost will be less. Many brands charge more because of the brand equity it shares in the market, though the features could be as good as a cheaper machine. If you are tight on your budget, you might consider buying a second-hand machine.
You can go through the local classifieds in the newspaper or even visit fitness clubs, online shopping sites, and gyms. Before buying one, you need to check out the machine yourself. If you have no cost constraint, then all the world of options are open to you. The higher you go in terms of price, be assured that the best will be provided.