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Know the Various Benefits of Resistance Training

Aastha Dogra
Strength training exercises help in burning fats, increasing strength, and maintenance of right bone mass. Here is some information about the various benefits of these exercises.
Resistance training refers to any kind of exercise that involves using an external resistance or weight to contract and work upon the muscles of the body. This external resistance can be provided through free weights like dumbbells, one's own body weight, machines, rubber exercise tubing, or any other object which causes the muscles to contract.
It is not necessary that only people (like athletes) who want bigger and stronger muscles should undertake this training. In fact, these exercises increase the strength, mass, and endurance of the muscles, and are recommended for everyone.

Health Benefits

For beginners, it' is suggested that they consult a physician, before they perform such exercises. A good idea is to exercise with a personal trainer or join a gym. Push-ups, bench presses, lifting dumbbells, and resistance band exercises are some of the most popular and easy resistance exercises. There are numerous benefits of these exercises.

Facilitate Fat Loss

These help in burning body fat and develop muscles, which increases the muscle mass to fat ratio. As the muscle mass increases, the body consumes more energy to perform any kind of physical activity. This means that the body will burn more fat, which will help tone the muscles.

Increase the Bone Mineral Density

As we age, the mineral content of our bones decrease. This usually happens due to the hormonal changes that take place in our body and the reduction in physical activity.
Therefore, in order to maintain the mineral content, either the hormonal balance should be restored or there should be enough physical activity. This is where these resistance exercise come in. These maintain the right bone mass and prevent breakage or damage to bones, especially in people who have crossed the age of thirty.

Build Strength

Due to these workouts, the bones as well as the muscles of a person become strong. It is observed that, humans lose around five pounds of muscle every ten years, after the age of thirty.
Hence, to make up for it, resistance training is recommended to adults of all ages. In fact, people who perform these exercises on a daily basis, are less likely to sustain an injury.

Maintains a Healthy Heart

Research has shown that people who perform these exercises on a regular basis have a lowered risk of various heart conditions. Another benefit of resistance band training is that it keeps the blood pressure and the heart rate in check. This keeps the heart in a good condition, even in old age.
Looking at the benefits, one can conclude that these exercises are a must for everyone, irrespective of age and sex. Including them in your workout will make the body strong and alert. However, make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly, so as to prevent any injuries. Also, be consistent to get the best results.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.