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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Neha Deshpande Mar 17, 2020
Working out alone can be a preference for many, but having a workout partner does wonders in achieving your fitness goals. Know the hidden benefits that come with your workout buddy.


According to one Kansas State University research, an individual who is accompanied by a gym buddy is benefited, as his/her own time span and intensity of workout shoots up by almost 200%, while sweating it out (together) in the gym.
You might be a self-starter and self-motivator in many activities, but when it comes to following a fitness regime, you look out for excuses to avoid it whenever you can.
At least, this is what happens with me! Joining a gym is not that difficult, but continuing it till you have achieved your goals becomes a herculean task. Ever thought of having a friend, or family member to work out with you? Won't that be fun?
May be you won't have to drag yourself every day; instead, someone else will do that for you now. A workout buddy won't let you laze around and will help you keep a watch on your diet plan as well. So, how about having your own Casper to make you fit and fine?

Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

Working out alone can sometimes get boring and tone down your motivation, but when you have a partner, working out together can be real fun. A workout friend brings a lot of benefits to your fitness regimen, a few of which are listed here.

There's a Friend to Motivate You

It could be quite difficult to visit the gym regularly after a hard day's work. However, with a gym partner to join you, things might be lot easier than you imagined.
If you ever feel like skipping the gym, then your partner will coax you into accompanying him/her. if it is the other way round, it will be you who is going to make sure he/she doesn't skip workout. Thus, having a workout buddy will drive you hit the gym on a regular basis, both of you will make sure that either sticks the routine.

You Become a Gym-regular

Starting with an exercise routine is easy, but following it regularly becomes easier when someone is there to boost you. You will think twice before you skip your gym class as you will be answerable to your workout friend.
When someone is counting on you, it will make you regular and focused. You can also think of it as a social meeting place, where you can catch up with your friend while exercising.

Waking Up Isn't Difficult Anymore

Early morning exercises are more effective and can improve your health, but the most difficult task for a lot of people is to get out of bed early in the morning and hit the gym.
However, if you have a friend, or family member accompanying you, then it will automatically urge you to get up on time and go to the gym.

You Have Competition

A healthy competition is always beneficial for both partners. You both can plan workout sessions and help each other stay fit. With this in mind, you will be more focused on your workout and look forward to achieving your goals faster than your partner.
You and your partner can lay down monthly goals and work towards achieving them. Being in a competitive mood will also make you take steps toward controlling your diet, so that you don't lose out to your "contender." By doing this together, you both will benefit and aspire for higher goals with a healthy lifestyle.

Time Just Flies By

While running on a treadmill, think about how many times you check your watch. You surely must be doing it several times. How about having a friend on the treadmill beside you whom you can talk to? You both won't even realize how time flies by.
You might even end up working out for a longer time than you usually do. Eventually, you will look forward to visiting the gym every day, and you will start enjoying your workout.

Exercise Armor Increases

The exercises that you have been avoiding or doing minimum, such as lifting heavier weights, some acrobatic moves, etc., might now be possible with a partner beside you.
Both of you will equally experience the strain and pain, and you'll be having a partner to share it with. While performing tough exercises, both of you can push each other to do well.

Eating Habits are In Check

Along with exercising, you also need to keep a close check on your calorie intake. What's the use sweating for an hour if you are going to have a fully loaded cheese pizza after that?
Your workout friend can be your watchdog, making you accountable for all the calories you had and improve your eating habits. It will help you in reducing the intake of calorie-laden food items and knock out extra pounds.

You Have a Reason to Celebrate

If you have joined a gym or started with an exercise regime, you are definitely going to work hard for it. However, appreciation from someone can be the biggest motivation and the key to success.
You always need someone to appreciate your hard work and perhaps notice the pounds you are losing. After having achieved the set goals, treat yourselves to a shopping spree, spend a day at the spa, or in any other way you wish. Celebrating your successes will egg you to do your best every month, and you will look forward to celebrating the next time as well.

New Activities Come Your Way

There might be some sports activities, which you wouldn't have thought of trying. And if your partner loves that activity, or is an expert, then you can try it out with him/her.
May be if your partner knows how to ski, then you can take some lessons and teach him/her things that you know. There are many other sports as well that need a partner, like tennis or badminton; you both can enroll for it, learn something new, and have fun.

Quitting Isn't So Easy

You go to the gym with full enthusiasm initially, and in a few week's time, you are back to your regular ways, visiting the coffee shop with your friends, and forgetting all about the gym.
However, if one of those friends is your fitness partner, then it is quite difficult to skip your workout. Having a friend to remind you that you need to continue working out and that you can't just disappear or stop going to the gym will act like a driving force. Your workout friend will compel you to come daily and won't let you quit so easily.

Tips for Choosing a Partner

  • Do not choose a partner who is lazy, as he/she won't be a motivator, and chances are that you may also end up lazing around.
  • Find a partner who is of the same physique as yours, so you can plan your sessions and can help each other while exercising.
  • It is also necessary to find a partner who has the same fitness goals, else it can get very frustrating as you can't compare any of your triumphs.
  • If you and your partner have some things in common, your workout sessions can become more in
Working out with a gym buddy adds more variety to your fitness routine, which will go a long way in challenging you, propelling you to stay fit, and remain so for long.