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Bench Press Workout Routine

Rahul Thadani Jul 24, 2020
Bench presses are the exercises mainly for the upper body and a form of measuring strength. The best bodybuilders use a variety of routines to get the desired results. A proper routine is absolutely imperative for a successful workout. This story provides some information on the routine to be followed.
A bench press is performed by first lying down on a bench with one's feet on the floor. A barbell is held a little above chest level and pushed upwards until the arms are straight; it is then lowered again to its starting position.
Those concerned with taking their bodybuilding regime and exercise routines to a higher level, it is important to understand what it takes in order to build stronger muscles, and get greater strength.
However, this cannot be achieved over the course of a few days as it would take some time and also a lot of sincere hard work and commitment from an individual. In the case of men, the bench presses are viewed in a symbolic manner, and the more one can do, the more there is to be envious of.
Due to this reason many people tend to overdo their workout routine and lift very heavy weights too soon. The implications of this are serious injuries, greater exhaustion, and longer periods of time for recuperation. Hence, it is necessary that one should slowly and steadily build up the intensity and weights of the bench press. The best routines are those which are gradually developed over a period of time and start showing their effects after a few weeks or months.
Most people are unaware that a regular build and frame actually means that bench press would not be effective. People with long arms use the length of their arms to lift the weight, and as a result of this, this workout routine becomes ineffective and redundant. In the case of such people, the decline routine for strength is probably a better option. This is more suited to their body type and might prove to be more effective.

Routine for Beginners

People who have no prior experience in the area of muscle building, setting forth on a routine requires consultation, a clear objective, and lots of patience. A small start can be slightly difficult for some people, but that is the only way to do it.
One must understand that this is a very taxing and tiring workout, so there must be enough time for one's body to recuperate in such a situation. The best solution would be to fix up the exercises for alternate days, that is, for 3 - 4 times a week. Any number of sessions more than this would tire one immensely.
For a power-lifting routine, it is advisable to start off with about 175 pounds of weight. One needs to carry out a few repetitions for each set, and then alter the amount of weight you lift with each subsequent sitting.
For instance, if one follows the routine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then on the first day, one should lift 175 pounds of weight with 5 repetitions, and then with 4 repetitions and so on, for 5 sets. The routine would be as follows:
175 x 5
175 x 4
175 x 3
175 x 2
175 x 1

A break for about 2 - 3 minutes between each set is also highly recommended.
On Wednesday, one should carry out the same routine, but using 180 pounds of weight instead. The same procedure and process should be followed. Next, that is on Friday, move up to 185 pounds. On returning next Monday, start off with 180 pounds.
Then move to 185 pounds on Wednesday, and 190 pounds on Friday. In this manner, the weights should be kept increasing 5 pounds to the number every week, and within 2 - 3 weeks, one would begin to see a noticeable difference.
The only way of performing this exercise routine to build muscle mass, is by gradually increasing the weight. It is important to remember that doing so instantly or rapidly could cause a great deal of fatigue.
After a certain point, one would reach a weight that he/she is completely unable to lift. Now the routine can be changed over again, as a variety would always be a very helpful tool in this endeavor. With proper planning and execution, these routines can greatly increase muscle mass and strength of an individual by leaps and bounds.
If one looks for an exercise that is really intense, one could even try to perform the Russian bench press routine. This was used by the Russians at the 2000 IPF World Bench Press Championships, where they won 8 gold medals in 11 competitions. This is a highly detailed, specific, and intense routine, and the results are quite well-known.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.