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Back and Bicep Workouts

Kanika Khara Mar 1, 2020
Back and bicep workouts not only give you a physique that looks great but also helps you remain fit and increase your body strength to perform daily tasks with ease. Here are some basic workouts that will help you in toning your biceps and back muscles.
For both men and women, working out on their back and bicep muscles is an important part of any fitness regime. This doesn't automatically mean that they only wish to get bigger muscles. In fact, working out these muscles helps tone and strengthen them.
Bicep muscles are responsible for elbow flexion, forearm supination, and shoulder flexion. The workouts target the bicep brachii muscle for developing it in size and increasing the stamina.
Similarly, back workouts target the upper, mid, and lower back areas and help in strengthening the muscles along with decreasing stress and muscle pain.

Back Workouts

Always begin your back workouts with a few sets of body weight exercises like pull-ups, pushups, etc. Make sure you don't overstrain your muscles, and if you start feeling tired, step down to lighter weights.

Wide Grip Pull-ups

For these pull-ups, you'll need a pull-up bar and a grip that is shoulder-width or wider. While doing this exercise, look upwards and make sure your palms are facing away from you. 
Pull your chest towards the bar, slowly go up and down, doing these as many times as you can. This will also help you reduce weight. This exercise is often considered a lifesaver for beginners.

Inverted Push-ups

You can use a stability ball, a bench, or a Smith Machine for this exercise; if using a machine, lock the bar nearly 3 feet above the ground. Pull a bench up to it and rest your feet on it. 
Hang from the bar upside down with an overhand grip in a reverse pushup position, with your shoes resting on the bench. Pull your upper body towards the bar in order to raise your body to a horizontal position. Hold for a second and slowly lower until your arms are straight and your head is near the ground. Do this as many times as you can.

Lat Pulldown

Try lifting nearly 50% of your body weight and fix the knee pads at a comfortable level. 
Sit down and hold the bar while keeping your back straight and upright. For a better outcome, focus on pulling your elbows to your sides rather than squeezing with the arms.

Cable Rows

Sit on the bench, grab the handle, and with your legs push yourself back to position. Keeping your back straight, pull the cable towards your center and release slowly.

Dumbbell Rows

Lean besides a bench and rest your hand and knee on top of it. Go down and grab the dumbbell. Without moving your torso, pull the weight to your side, taking it as high as you can. Go down again and repeat the procedure.

Bicep Workouts

These workouts are also known as pulling exercises as they involve curling of the hand towards the shoulders in bicep curls.

Bicep Curls

The biceps curl is considered to be one of the best workouts to build one's biceps.
In this exercise, you have to hold the weights with your palms facing out and your elbows places next to your body. Now slowly bend your elbows and curl the weights toward your shoulders without rotating your elbows.

Concentration and Preacher Curls

Considered to be a variation of the traditional bicep curls, it is performed by placing your arms at an angle and working the biceps in different ways.

Hammer Curls

Here, the forearm is used a little more as compared to traditional curls. In this curl, the palms face in and as turning your hands can make it more challenging, it is better to use lighter weights.
You can try performing these back and bicep workouts for three non-consecutive days in a week. But if you are doing heavy weightlifting, at least take two days rest before you perform the exercise again.
If you want lean muscles, stick with one to three sets of 12-15 repetitions every time you perform the exercises. Ensure that you get at least one day of rest before you start with the workout again.