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Am I Fat?-Quiz

Tilottama Chatterjee
In today's world, with its obsession about physical appearance, it's human tendency to be plagued with doubts about your weight. This story will answer your weight-related questions, by providing you with a unique quiz to check if you are overweight or not.
I've lost count of the hours I've spent standing in front of the mirror, trying to look at myself from an angle that makes me look thinner than I am. Years spent on counting calories, assessing fat units, hundreds of uneaten chocolate bars, diets started, ended, and started again, gyms joined, gyms unattended, and very little actual difference in the end. I'm a child of the Cosmopolitan culture, and years of ingrained appreciation of the culture of 'thin equals beautiful' rarely vanishes in a flash.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to think of myself as perfect, no matter what the weighing scale says; and I rejoice in women who are confident enough to flaunt curves. It's just that old habits die hard, perhaps I'd reel over from shock if I actually attained my version of a perfect body.
Life is all about attainable goals - and what is a diet if it's not exactly that? If you're like me, (and even halfway normal I like to tell myself) chances are, you've spent hours agonizing over the very same question - "Am I fat?". Well, let's find out.

Some Basics

Women all over the world struggle with weight control problems, and I say this not to exclude men, but because more women do struggle more than men with weight issues, and that is a proven, scientific fact.
If you're a woman, you wouldn't be surprised to know that 85% of all women think about their size and shape every single day, and an astounding 78% who fall within normal weight limits wish they were slimmer. Sounds familiar? Have you too been wondering whether you are overweight for your age? Do not panic, just take the acid test below.


Q1. What is your age?

  1. Under 18
  2. 18-25
  3. 25-35
  4. 35-45
  5. 45-60
  6. Over 60

Q2. Do you think you are overweight?

  1. Yes! I'm starving myself to get rid of it
  2. No, I think I'm very healthy
  3. No, I'm average
  4. I'm a bit chubby
  5. I'm fat
  6. Yes, I'm obese, but I don't care

Q3. How many meals do you eat in a day?

  1. None
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5+

Q4. How often do you eat junk food/food that you know is unhealthy?

  1. Never, I don't even eat
  2. About once a year
  3. Once every 2 or 3 months
  4. Every month
  5. Weekly
  6. Daily

Q5. How often do you exercise?

  1. 24/7
  2. More than an hour a day
  3. An hour a day
  4. Weekly
  5. Monthly
  6. Never

Q6. Do your friends think you are fat?

  1. No, but what do they know, I can see myself in the mirror
  2. No, they think I'm skinny
  3. No, they think I look good
  4. Not really, they think I look good, but I could lose some weight
  5. Yes, but who cares what they think?
  6. What friends?

Q7. How much do you weigh?

  1. Under 84 lbs
  2. 84 lbs - 112 lbs
  3. 112 lbs - 168 lbs
  4. 168 lbs - 210 lbs
  5. 210 lbs - 252 lbs
  6. 252 lbs+

Q8. What does your BMI indicate?

(If you haven't had a BMI Test, pick what your mother would think it would say)
  1. Seriously underweight
  2. Underweight
  3. Average
  4. Overweight
  5. Obese
  6. Morbidly obese
If you picked mostly 1's and 2's: You're seriously underweight, and you need nourishment, guidance, and support.

If you picked mostly 3's and 4's: You're doing fine, and you're getting there. Get regular exercise, and keep up the good work. Stay healthy!

If you picked mostly 5's and 6's: Without being judgmental, (because really, who's anyone to judge you?), you may need to up your levels of activity, and eat a wee bit more healthy.
The point to understand is that we're often overcritical of ourselves. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are on the rise, and all because kids and teenagers are plagued with skewed images of what beautiful is. Peer pressure can be crippling and the need to fit in, very real. How sad is it that you can now find such quizzes for kids.
Gone are the days when kids were just kids, always hungry, always playing, without a care in world. Now, they're put on diets before they've grown out of their diapers. Children who grow up in an environment of weight obsession are more likely to swing to one extreme or another, so take care to ensure that your kids know what's important, is to be healthy.
After taking the above given quiz, try to prioritize fitness and health. Eat healthy, stay healthy - just live your life! They say you are what you eat, so think about this, would you rather be a wilted piece of lettuce, or a bowlful of luscious organic fruit?
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.