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Ab Machines that Work

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 13, 2020
All ab machine infomercials promise washboard abs, but do they really work? Let us take a quick review of ab machines.
Most of us are obsessed with flat, six pack abs, which the celebrities flaunt proudly. People go to extreme lengths to achieve such great bodies. From rigorous workouts in the gym to following crash diets, they leave no stone unturned in their attempt to get a flatter tummy
However, more often than not, the results are not satisfactory because people never take into consideration their body type, age and the correct exercise that might help them. You will find a range of ab machines in the market and all claim to help you get six pack abs in short time but most of these machines do not work!

Ab Machines that Benefit

Ab machines can really motivate you to work out, but whether they really work or not is explained later. If you are a person who simply hates doing crunches and sit ups, we recommend that you go for any of the ab machines given further. Because some exercise is better than no exercise at all!

Swiss ball

Swiss ball is one of the cheapest yet effective ab machines. It helps to work out the core muscles of the midsection, which enables people to balance their bodies. It also improves posture and eventually results in a flat stomach.

Ab Lounger

Ab lounger is a chair like ab machine with adjustable handles and foot straps. One moves the handles and the straps to work out abdominal muscles as well as thighs.

Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is one of the conventional ab machines in form of a wheel with handles. The user rolls the wheel back and forth to work out the muscles of stomach, shoulders, arms, back, etc.

Exercise Chair

This machine is in form of a small bench with padded cushion. The user sits on it and then swings his legs from side to side in order to work out the internal and external obliques as well as upper and lower abs.

Abdominal Bench

This machine allows the user to perform abdominal exercises at home in a more comfortable way, than on floor. It comes with adjustable foot grips that allow you to work out the muscles on back and stomach.

Do Ab Machines Work

You must be aware that crunches and sit ups are the two best exercises for abs. However, most people find them extremely uncomfortable and boring. If you find something very boring, you are least likely to do it, no matter how inexpensive it is.
In that case, you can say that ab machines do work, as they force you to stick to your workout regimen. If you have invested money in an expensive exercise equipment, you are more likely to put it to some good use. Hence, the ab machine will definitely help you to work out your stomach muscles.
If you wish to use these machines in order to get six pack abs or a washboard flat tummy, then your chances of meeting with disappointment are quite high.
These machines do little to take the fat off your stomach. All they do is tighten your muscles and tone them. Hence, you will end up getting toned muscles under the layers of fat, which nobody will be able to see! You sure wouldn't want to go for such a machine
Another problem with some ab machines is that they work on the principle of spot reduction. This is an outdated principle which does little to get rid of those not-so-lovely love handles and flabby stomach. Working out only a part of body may make it stronger and toned, but you will never achieve those dream six pack abs with such machines.
In order to get super flat stomach you need a right combination of abs diet, cardio exercises and ab workout.
Incorporating a cardio exercise such as swimming, dancing, aerobics, in your gym routine can help you achieve your goal. But, if you only want to tone your ab muscles, you sure can go ahead with these machines. However, flat tummy can only be achieved by diet, cardio along with abdominal exercise.
These were some ab machines that work for stomach muscles. If you are really interested in achieving super flat tummy, then you must couple your ab workout with a cardio workout.
A cardio workout boosts your metabolism and brings about uniform calorie burning in the body. Also, to achieve maximum health and fitness, make relevant changes to your diet and overall lifestyle.