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5 Ways To Maintain Weight Loss

Paisley Hansen
After you’ve spent months, even years, following a strict diet and physical fitness plan to reach your weight loss goal, it’s tempting to let yourself indulge to celebrate. Although it’s fine to allow yourself a sweet treat or a workout-free day every now and then, it’s important to develop a new regimen to prevent backsliding.

Uphold Eating Habits

Whether you lost your excess pounds by modifying your calorie intake, consuming special weight-loss foods or taking dietary supplements, you may worry about how you’ll return to regular eating habits without regaining the weight. Rather than immediately abandoning your diet, consider gradually transitioning off of it.

Stay Active

Once you’ve reached the weight loss goal, you may be tempted to relax and abandon the exercise regimen that helped you during your dieting days. But, staying active throughout the year can help you keep the pounds off even if you’re no longer as strict about your eating habits. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Stay Motivated

If you feel your willpower has begun to crumble, turn to a support system that will help you stay on the right path. Ask for referrals to a dietician if you need dietary guidance, a therapist for emotional issues, or a physical therapist for exercise and activity help. You can also turn to friends and family or online support groups like Unify Health Labs.

Maintain Accountability

Although you may not be watching your food intake as diligently as you did during your dieting phase, continuing awareness of what you eat is the key to keeping the weight off. If you find yourself slipping often, keep a food log detailing what you eat and what you feel at the time – it may help uncover triggers that lead you to overeat.

Be Understanding

In the event that you do spend a day with friends overindulging in the foods that led you to put on the excess weight in the first place, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you blame yourself, you may be tempted to throw in the towel and return to your old habits. Avoid skipping meals to make up for the extra calorie consumption.