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5 Ways Runners Can Take Better Care of Their Feet

Kevin Devoto Dec 17, 2019
One of the most popular activities people participate in is running. It is something that everyone can do, regardless of where they live or how much money they have. The health benefits range from increasing stability, agility and endurance. Whether you are new to running or a seasoned veteran, review these five ways you can better tend to your feet!

1. Choose the Right Footwear

The most obvious and yet often overlooked way to keep your feet in tip-top condition is the footwear you choose. You may go out and find an amazing pair of training shoes, but how often do you replace them? Those who run often should pay close attention to the tread wear. Once they start to show signs of depleting, it may be time to grab another pair.
You should also invest in good socks for training days. You want to make sure they are breathable and expand as your feet swell. Socks that are too tight may result in further swelling, blisters and overall discomfort during your run. Grab some fun novelty socks for casual wear.

2. Keep Toenails at a Reasonable Length

It may be easy to overlook toenail grooming since your feet aren't as visible as your hands. You may not realize how overgrown the nails have become until you are out on a long run. Toenails that are not trimmed to an appropriate length may become impacted with each stride you take. If you continue allowing this to happen, the nails may become ingrown.

3. Take Care of Blisters Immediately

When the skin becomes chafed inside the shoe, it may become blistered. These painful bumps may rise immediately or develop slowly over a few days. Once they do pop to the surface, you may want to tend to them. One of the best ways you can battle these unsightly and painful growths is to keep them covered.
You may believe that leaving them open to let the air help them heal is the best way to go, but in reality, it has quite the opposite effect. Keeping them covered with a bandage will aid in healing time.

4. Use Ice To Help With Swelling and Soreness

Feet swelling is a normal reaction to running. With all the pressure on your feet, they tend to get tired, and circulation may decrease. While you may be a firm believer in letting them retract naturally, you may want to reconsider. Apply ice packs while feet are elevated after a run to help the swelling go down. This may help keep the ache away.

5. Take Your Rest Days Seriously

As much as you love running, you must take days off. Trying to cram too many running days in a week without the proper rest may cause you to suffer from internal injuries in the foot, ankles and legs. When you do have an off day, don't plan on going for a hike or other foot-intensive activity. Enjoy the time off your feet in comfortable socks and shoes.

Do Yourself a Favor

Caring for your feet will help up your running game substantially.