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5 Useful Tips for SUP Yoga Beginners

Joe Parker Aug 27, 2019
SUP Yoga is a new practice of Yoga. It's a little more difficult than regular since you will be doing yoga on a stand up paddle board, which requires you to balance on the board. If you have been doing yoga for certain times, you should give this new practice a try. Here are a few tips for SUP yoga beginners.

Learn Necessary SUP Skills First

If you haven't paddled before, it's important that you learn the necessary paddle boarding skills first. The most important skill is to balance on the board. That's the basis of doing activities on a stand up paddleboard.
Also, you should be familiar with the board by knowing its center and how it would respond to your actions on it.

Exercise Your Core Before Starting Yoga

If you don't have a strong core, you could have a hard time doing yoga on the board. The core is the key to balancing on the SUP board. Luckily, paddle boarding is able to exercise your core. If you have difficulty doing yoga on the board, you can then paddle several times to exercise your core first.

Have Faith in Yourself

SUP yoga is easier said than done. It's not that easy to start doing SUP yoga without failures. You might fall or fail to do a post that you have no problem doing under normal circumstances. In such situations, don't lose faith.

Take Things Slow

Don't get too frustrated when you fail to do certain poses on first day on the SUP board. You will eventually get the strength. Take things slow and practice steadily so your muscles have time to adapt to new demands.

Join a Local Yoga SUP Community

It's okay to start on your own, but it's always nice to have company when doing SUP yoga. You can join a local Yoga SUP community. You will have someone to share the experience, learn from them to avoid beginners' mistakes and find someone to guide you and help you quickly master the necessary SUP yoga skills.